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Bagua is one of the major internal martial arts from China and is distinguished by unique circular movements as well as the utilization of Chinese physiological health/medical principles.

The Bagua of this school is the Yin Ba Gua Quan (尹八卦拳) taught by Gong Bao Tian (宮寶田) and transmitted to Gong Bao Zhai (宮寶齋) in their home village of Tsing San (青山村) located in Shan Dong province (山东省), China.  Their birthplace of Tsing San translates to “Green Mountain” and was dubbed as such because of the local mountain range which was lush with forest canopies of green and blue color tones.

Green Mountain Martial Arts School is humbly named after this village with an abundance of appreciation and gratitude to Gong Bao Zhai and Tu Kun-Yii.