Classes 训练

Summer 2017 Classes Available:

Location:  Watchung Reservation Park, NJ
Through September 1
AM Session 9:00-11:00
PM Session 12:00-2:00

Weekly enrollment available.
Contact to sign-up.

These summer sessions are introductory-level and as such will comprise of a brief exposure to basic foundational training methods such as stretching, positioning, and circle-walking.  Using Bagua for health will be emphasized along with related topics, i.e, breathing and Chinese medicine.

Autumn 2017 Training:

9:00 AM-11:00 AM

  • Stretching and drills
  • Stances
  • Circle walking

Extended studies to develop after a basic foundation has been established:

  • 8 Mother Palms and palm changes
  • 64 Pao Chui form

Classes are geared towards reinforcing healthy practice.
Foundational training methods are emphasized.